Travelling has always been in my blood. Ok, I know that nowadays that might sound mainstream, but in my case it’s very true.

At age 11, I had already lived in 3 different places in Italy. Even if these travels were inside a country, I think they profoundly shaped me since a very young age: leaving means uncertainty, loneliness, courage to start from zero in an unfamiliar context.

When I was younger, I also remember that at a certain point, my parents asked me if I wanted to keep on going to the beach in the summer (as most Italian families do) or if I preferred to go on holidays abroad: I had no doubts. Since then, I got to travel to many countries (mostly European ones) with my family and then alone with my friends.

My love for food started approximately at that same age (11). Before I only had a sweet tooth, now I can proudly say I also have a “savoury” one.

Beyond my passion for eating , what fascinates me about food is that it is deeply rooted in culture. Every country I visit, every person I meet have their own and peculiar food story.

If we think about it, we eat before we speak or walk and eating is as essential to us as breathing is. That’s why our identity is very much influenced and intertwined with what we eat and drink. It’s not just a physiological feature: it’s a human characteristic. Many of our childhood memories are linked to food: in my case, I vividly remember when my grandmother (Nonna Lucia) prepared supplì, an Italian dish of fried rice croquettes full of flavour.

Italian nonnas don’t joke when it comes to eating: she used to start cooking very early and during a long morning of sweating and hard work she magically created up to 80 croquettes, to the delight of my cousins, brother and I, who used to compete over who would manage to eat the most of them (sadly I never won: my record was a miserable 5).

My conviction is that food and humanity go hand in hand: the pleasure of eating good food is comparable to that of good company. So can you imagine how powerful and fulfilling/rewarding is this perfect match for our soul? Pure happiness.

Ok, some people may not like travelling, some others may not enjoy eating that much.

But I love them both. And I also love many other things and I am going to write about all of them, in my personal way, as I believe that somewhere there, in the middle, lies my sweet spot.

I hope each one of you readers will find a point of contact with my story or maybe just an interesting idea that will make you realize something you had never thought about before. Or perhaps, my light-heartedness will just get a smile out of you and brighten up your day a little.

And if that happens, I will be happy.


What’s this blog about? I admit I don’t like putting things into boxes because I find categorisations limiting and simplistic. I know, however, that they make things so much easier and clearer, so if you prefer I can also tell you that my main topics to be covered will be food, travelling, cultures, human relationships (with a pinch of psychology) and languages. But I cannot guarantee I will be able to separate and categorise them precisely: in fact, they constantly mix and match in my life and in my mind, so I think it would be dehumanizing to tear them apart.

So this blog will be like a rainbow: you will find thoughts and reflections about these topics, memories, reviews, recipes, pieces of advice and many pictures as well, to strengthen my words and help you travel with me. If you have any suggestions or comments, please drop me an email or message. I will be happy to read and learn from your advice.

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