The ingredients of my life

The idea of this blog stems from my passions: travelling, food, cultures, people, languages.

I know it’s ambitious and maybe foolish to put all of this together in just one blog, but I strongly believe that all these interests perfectly fit and flow together in my story.

I am currently living in Leeds, UK, where I have just started the second part of my master’s in International communication.  However, I am in certain ways a “hopeless wanderer” as Mumford and Sons would put it. Since I was seventeen and I went to Australia for two months (my first time abroad without my family), something changed in my life, attitude and mentality. Since then, I’ve taken every possible opportunity to discover, learn and taste and I enjoyed every second of it.

The past three years in particular brought me to more than 10 countries: to travel, to live, to love. I like to think of my life as a story whose plot develops every day through the choices I make, the things I learn and the people I meet.

By using a metaphor, I am in the process of adding ingredients to my recipe. This recipe cannot be found in cooking books nor on the Internet, for the simple reason that it doesn’t exist yet, but it’s in the process of being created and experimented.

At the moment, I just trust the process: I only add ingredients that I like, even if they don’t always match perfectly. But if that happens, I manage to fix it, by adding something else. Most of all, I am having a whale of a time doing this and I know that my recipe is going to be sensational, or at least, just as I like it.

So, my friends, sit back, relax and follow me in this journey. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. And if you don’t, I won’t get too disappointed: I am mainly doing this for myself, so if even a couple of you will like to follow me through my airy-fairy bubbling of words, that will make me more than happy!

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