Cross-cultural relationships at the time of Coronavirus + petition

What about all the narrative revolving around us living in a globalized world? What about the free circulation of people and not only of goods which made it possible if not normal to make friends and establish relationships abroad, broadening our horizons? What about the discourse telling us we’re citizens of the world? Nobody seems to think about that now.

Italy stops. Will we?

The longest time I have been forced to stay at home was 2 years and a half ago, when after graduating and spending a memorable summer, I found out having contracted mononucleosis. I have clear memories of those never-ending and painful 3 weeks. I alternated boredom to depression to fatigue and pain. Not being able … Continue reading Italy stops. Will we?

Travelling as a self-discovery

Travelling isn't always easy. Living abroad can sometimes be exhausting and hard and make you realize many things about yourself that you didn't know. I have been living in the Netherlands now for more than a year. The longest journey of my life, in terms of length but also of emotional growth.I share with you some of the life lessons I learnt through this long and hard period.

The untranslatable words you need to know to live a better life

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” Ludwig Wittgenstein Have you ever come across a word in your language that doesn’t seem to have a direct translation in the others? Thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to find hundreds of them and it’s very interesting and entertaining to browse through them. … Continue reading The untranslatable words you need to know to live a better life