Travelling has always been in my blood. Ok, I know that nowadays that might sound mainstream, but in my case it’s very true. At age 11, I had already lived in 3 different places in Italy. Even if these travels were inside a country, I think they profoundly shaped me since a very young age: … Continue reading Intro

Travelling as a self-discovery

Travelling isn't always easy. Living abroad can sometimes be exhausting and hard and make you realize many things about yourself that you didn't know. I have been living in the Netherlands now for more than a year. The longest journey of my life, in terms of length but also of emotional growth.I share with you some of the life lessons I learnt through this long and hard period.

“My favourite mistake” (Training course, Azores)

I took part in the Erasmus + training course "My favourite mistake" in Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel (Azores) from the 8th to the 14th May 2017. I spent a full week with 20 other participants from all over Europe and beyond, in this breath-taking island, with stunning views and nature. During … Continue reading “My favourite mistake” (Training course, Azores)

Engaging the Dutch Millennials in the Energy Transition

In this project, Siemens, as part of the Transitie Coalitie (Transition Coalition) asked us to investigate the Dutch millennials' attitude towards sustainability. The ultimate aim was to create and present a communication strategy able to engage the target group in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable behaviour. Through an engaging brand story and cultural analysis, our … Continue reading Engaging the Dutch Millennials in the Energy Transition

Dissertation (bachelor degree)

Here you can find my bachelor dissertation, which I discussed in July 2017 in Florence (SSML Carlo Bo). It's entitled "How the languages we speak impact our way of being, communicating and acting" (literally translated from Italian). The first chapter analyses the historical debate between language and thought (what determines what?), the second chapter focuses … Continue reading Dissertation (bachelor degree)