Hello, my name is Eleonora.

I am 24 and I come from Italy. I think I am very Italian under many respects, but I also like to think of myself as a European and sometimes as a world citizen.

My first trip on my own : Australia, 2012

I like to travel; even if I know that nowadays “travel” is a buzzword and it’s so common it’s boring and doesn’t tell you much about yourself.

So, to define it better, I could also name myself a wanderer or explorer. I really like to go to places and live there for a while if I can, so that I have enough time to overcome the honey moon phase and try to grasp a country’s (or city’s) soul more deeply.

People and human relationships profoundly fascinate me. I love to listen to people and try to figure out how they think, the more different they are from me the better. I believe in the power of emotional intelligence and human connections.

I am curious and eager to learn. I need to be passionate about what I do, whatever it is, in order to function.

I love foreign languages. I did my bachelor in translation and interpreting and absolutely had a blast doing that. I speak English, French and Portuguese and I quite understand Spanish.    

I also love dogs (especially Westies), watching sunsets on the beach, playing with children and writing as a self-discovery tool.

Proud of my muffins, a few years ago…

Last but not the least, I am a foodie: I love eating, cooking, talking about food, eating out, sharing recipes, watching cooking shows and just scrolling down Instagram food pages for inspiration. I have a sweet tooth and my guilty pleasure is cookies and milk just before going to sleep, whenever I get home, early in the morning after a night out.

I am always open to collaborations with companies and individuals. For example, I’m particularly eager to writing content (i.e. feature articles and blog posts) for your website and I am happy to review products, as long as they are in line with my interests and ethics.